Tailored Boutique Events


Strategic Event Management

What makes LR Events unique and the preferred choice, as an Event Management Company is our dedication to delivering you bespoke Corporate Events specifically tailored to your vision and brand. Passionate about our work, we think of every detail, so you don’t have to. Regardless of the event size or style, we’ll sit down with you, and talk through your needs, expectations and budget. Using this information we’ll go out and attain the finest tailored solutions to deliver you an experience of a lifetime.

Contract and Vendor Negotiations

We spend the time scouting a plethora of venue options to determine the possibilities and at what price. Negotiation is an integral part of what we do, ensuring budgets are met accordingly. Re-working the specifics of the terms and conditions, payment options and dates and negotiating with suppliers to ensure they meet the requirements of the event. This includes the start/end time of your event, maximum capacities, insurance, and much more.


Budget Management

As Project Management professionals, we collect market data on the supplier costs and compare that data in order to secure the deal most suitable to your budget. We distribute the funds to event aspects according to your priorities and aesthetic, ensuring you get the most out of the money that you are spending on your Corporate Event. Here we also take over financial management of the event, ensuring that all deposits and fees are paid in time. Unlike some other Event Management companies, our aim is not to go over your budget or push the boundaries to increase it. Instead, we are rigorously dedicated to staying within the budget, respecting your decision to spend the amount initially agreed upon.

Experiential Event Design

Are you after a truly unique event? We are not limited by traditions and generic ‘been there, done that’ trends. Instead, we offer Bespoke Event Design in order to create the exact experience you’re after. To do this we like to get to know you, your company or organisation, goals and expectations and what you’re looking to accomplish at your event. This forms the basis of our inspiration to create a completely original experiential event for you and your guests. This can involve specific media tools, lighting or art installations, or whatever else it takes to create the ‘wow’ factor at your event.


Floral Decor & Event Styling

Table settings and furniture will not only feature in all your event photos, but it will be one of the key aspects that create memorable moments for your guests too. Creative decor is key to capturing the tone of your organisation or corporation, and most importantly the mood of your event. We work with vendors who can deliver whatever aesthetic your event may need. Having worked on events for almost two decades, we are in touch with multiple vendors who understand our aesthetic. Hence, no matter how specific the needs of your event are, we will always ensure the décor and styling are unique to you.

Venue scouting, catering, & staffing

We scout venues and hire caterers and wait staff that will ensure your event is truly unique. One of the most significant aspects of this is securing the right deals with the right vendors. At each of our events we seek out original catering options including signature cocktails, customised menus, and even carefully curated utensils to further highlight the mood and aesthetic of the occasion. Consistently staying ahead of the curb, we bring you the latest trends from the food and beverages industry to make sure your guests are not just satisfied but amazed.


Guest Management & Experience

You want your guests to have the finest possible experience at your event, and so do we! That’s why we take on all the elements to make that happen. From personalised and customised creative invites, to guest-list management and staffing the event with the right people so that your attendees are always top priority. We’ll constantly keep you on top of things by managing the guest-list and RSVPs and updating you are your team accordingly. Your guests will be registered and ushered on by our professional staff from the moment they arrive. Often other Event Management companies may not spend as much time on guests, leaving them their own devices. Your guests experience is our priority so we dedicate our time and staffers to delivering unforgettable touch points at every opportunity.


To keep your event safe and secure, we hire security professionals to make sure only those who are supposed to be at the party are attending it. The key to a good security team is not just doing their job but also doing it discretely. Whether you’re running a high-profile event, or even a very remote one, our security professionals are there to ensure nothing untoward happens.


Musical Entertainment & Production

Be it hiring a special act that has not been experienced before or seeking out a celebrity appearance, or guest performer of any kind, we take care of all your entertainment needs. Initially, we like to determine the best genre of entertainment for your event and then we produce a shortlist of options, bringing you the finest there is. When it comes to making your guests smile, we will go above and beyond to ensure that the entertainment they receive surprises and delights them, reliving your event for years to come.

Technical Design

Thanks to technological advances, we are increasingly able to rely on lighting and special effects to make each event truly spectacular. From special lighting to audio and other visuals, we are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest developments to deliver you the best technical options for your event. These tools help us create your distinctive mood and deliver a night (or day) to remember! Rather than just focusing on spending money on equipment, we also ensure that you have a technician present at the event. That way, your technical needs are covered in case any issues arise, and you and your staff are left to simply enjoy your event.


Photography & Cinematography

Be it with a professional photographer, a photo booth or even a drone – we’re not afraid to go the extra mile to make sure your event has been captured in full! Maintaining relationships with various cinematography specialists in the field, we hire trustworthy professionals at competitive prices given our long-term collaborations.

Accommodation & Transportation

Getting to and from the event and having accommodation covered is essential to enjoying any occasion. We pay attention to every detail in finding you the most original and trendy hotels for you and your guests. Therefore, you will find yourselves staying at hotels that no one has possibly yet heard of. We also ensure that the accommodation suits the brief in terms of organising room allocations and aesthetic settings. Regardless of your needs, we can organise larger transportation vehicles like tour busses, or smaller individual vehicles, with or without drivers included. If you’re after something completely spectacular, we can also organise transportation by sea or by air.